What do you like most about this world?

The only thing I truly like the most about this world are guns.

I feel really calming and some kind of intense attraction whenever I see Guns and Bullet videos on YouTube. Wait untill you here why.

When I see that thing, I know that just one bullet can solve all my problems. All my life struggle and pain can be over with one little tiny thing. All these exhausting thoughts and paranoya, and worrying.

Just one bullet can solve hellish condition inside my mind along with all other mejor life problems. It can solve disease, cancer, can solve headeche, tension, hunger, bowel movement, fever, flue, unhappiness, poverty, racism, heartache. Imagine just a bullet is capable of solving all my problems.

This is just exciting to see Bullet Videos in YouTube, putting them in the magazine, loading the Gun and shooting.. Everything represent A proper ending from all the troubles. You can never get away from Life in a way easier than that.

I like that such thing exist in this world! Even though it’s out of my reach right now, it’s so calming, just to think about it. So many worries, are only one Bullet away. Wouldn’t it be such a nice thing to unload all the burden with that tiny speeding thing piercing my head ? All painful sad thoughts will stop like a light bulb turning off. All the dissapointments and sufferings will go away in less than a second. Things just can’t end in any other way better than that.

A speeding bullet can do what God himself can’t. It can save you from every problems, Can your God is capable of saving you from All your troubles ? Does he save you from all those troubles ? You can come up with many excuses for God or for your suffering, but deep down you know it as well as I do.

Gun is always in my mind, every single day, I love it more than anything in the world just because it represents freedom from the eternal burden of Life, The Consciousness. It represents true freedom, that is the freedom from Life itself.

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