What are some shocking sources of some everyday food items ?


Often marked as “natural flavoring.” it’s actually beaver anal gland secretions used to flavor food and used in perfumes, these glands are located near the beaver’s Anus and sometime Beaver urine is also used.


Carmine is a red substance to use as food coloring which are basically made out squashing cochineal bugs, a type of beetle. If you want to avoid them, avoid any artificial red coloring in Starbucks Strawberries, Yogurt or any food or drink that has artificial red color.


Gelatin used in chocolates, yogurts is basically a protein taken from animal skins


You can find Silly Putty – Polydimethylsiloxane , an additive in most fast food and drinks. It is also used in adhesives!

Silicon Dioxide

Silicon dioxide is found in sand, and also in your food. It is used in powdered foods.


Ammonia is toxic chemical used to clean stuff and kill germs. But companies spray Ammonia to kill bacteria before packaging meat, which creates “pink slime.”. You are unlikely to find it on the label. You just have to accept that you’re eating it.

Titanium Dioxide

A lot of salad dressings contains titanium dioxide, which is also used in sunblock and paint. You may also find it in icing and coffee creamer. They used this poisonous element as colors whitener

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