The role of inhalers in controlling Asthma

The role of inhalers in controlling Asthma


Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system. Asthma occurs when the airways, which carry fresh air to our lungs and carry polluted air from there, become constricted for any reason. The first thing that usually happens when the air is obstructed is the difficulty in breathing. As well as asthma patients may have wheezing while breathing, some may have symptoms such as coughing and chest tightness.

These problems are more common at night. Therefore, the first symptom of many asthma patients is shortness of breath due to shortness of breath. These symptoms, however, do not always occur, but occur at special times. This time may vary from patient to patient.

Diseases of many people

According to the World Health Organization, about 292 million people worldwide had asthma in 2019. In the same year, about five lakh people died due to this disease. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in children.

What is the situation in Bangladesh? A 2002 national study identified 6 million asthma patients, including 4 million children, and estimates that the number has now risen.

Why treatment is needed

Anyone who has had difficulty breathing understands. In addition, asthma sufferers face social and professional harm. Increasing the severity of the disease can lead to death.

Modern medicine does not yet know how to cure asthma completely. However, with the proper use of the drugs that are currently available, it is possible to reduce the incidence of the disease. Asthma patients have one of the most common complaints about breathing problems. Appropriate medication can keep the patient well for a long time, and when shortness of breath occurs, the medication should not be taken too long.


There are many treatments for asthma, but the most effective is the inhaler. Why? The main cause of asthma is constriction of the airways. The drug is injected directly into the trachea through an inhaler, expanding the airway and relieving the patient of shortness of breath.

But what is this inhaler? The inhaler itself is not a drug, but the drug is given gaseously. This gas has to be pulled through the mouth with the pressure of the inhaler. The gaseous drug then travels to the trachea, where it expands to relieve the patient’s pain.

There are usually two types of inhalers on the market. The medicine contained in one has to be used during shortness of breath, the other type is used by the patient at normal time so that his respiratory problems do not recur. The first type is called ‘Reliever’ and the second type is called ‘Preventer’. Preventers usually contain steroids.

While inhalers are best for asthma sufferers, many are a bit hesitant. There may be several reasons for this. There are several steps to use inhaler. Many foreign countries have separate nurses to train patients on inhalers, who teach them the rules of hand-to-hand use. But there are not many such examples in our country. Although some hospitals and chambers have facilities, they have not been introduced in the country. If the patient is not taught to take inhalers, he will naturally look for alternatives.

Many people are also afraid of steroids in inhalers. Steroids usually appear in newspapers or in the media as part of negative news. As a result, many fears about steroids work in our minds. We know that it can have various side effects. So the patient is afraid of what will happen if they use steroid inhalers for a long time in asthma. It is important to have an open discussion between the doctor and the patient, to tell the patient why there is no alternative to inhalers and what precautions he can take to reduce the risk of steroids.

Another big reason may be emotional. No matter how much asthma is said to be incurable, patients still want to see themselves mentally healthy. It is not impossible for him to form an idea that he is healthy when he does not have to use an inhaler. This is what he wanted. But it is not always possible to use an inhaler, he will always remember that he is sick.

It is important to keep in mind that you may need to talk to your doctor about using an inhaler, and this is likely to be permanent. The doctor will decide exactly when to use the inhaler. He will tell you what to give the reliever during the shortness of breath and the preventer at other times. This decision has to be made by understanding the nature of the patient’s disease, which is different for different patients.

Asthma is also a lifelong disease like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. As a result, its treatment is not limited to patients and physicians, but also family and friends. If you can keep the asthma patient mentally healthy, the benefits of the treatment will be available, if he is mentally defeated, but it will not be. Remember- the doctor will give instructions, but he will not be able to take the responsibility of following them. That has to be done by the patient himself and the people in his house.



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