The Quran said the earth is flat? How do Muslims believe such a big mistake?

You will find many answers here. I give a slightly different answer.

Whether the Quran says flat or like a laddu, and whether Muslims believe in it or not, nothing will come into your life.

Even if you yourself now believe in pink elephants, the problems in your life will decrease, or not increase, at this moment.

If you are racist, that is different, true peace will not come to you whether you prove the target of your racism wrong or not. Because there is hatred in the mind, how will peace come. If a Muslim drives a car on the road, you will be fine. If you see a Hindu with a beard like a Muslim, you may not know his identity. If you see him taking a beautiful wife, you will be shocked. No matter what you do, your jealousy will not subside.

So by answering these questions you will not get any benefit.

Have you heard about Canada? A jealous woman assaulted a Sikh leader mistaking him for a Muslim. That Sikh leader never once said that he was not a Muslim. The woman’s jealousy was not diminishing. The Sikh man said only one thing, “We preach peace”. The fact that she is a Sikh has reduced the woman’s jealousy? There is no need to reduce it, the jealousy of hatred is in the heart, there is no balm.