The best TV brands of 2024: from LG to TCL, which should you buy?

Choosing the best TV brand in 2024 depends on your specific needs and budget, but here’s a breakdown of some top contenders to help you decide:


  • LG: Renowned for OLED technology, offering exceptional picture quality with deep blacks and vibrant colors. Models like the LG G2 and C2 OLED series are top performers, but come at a premium price.
  • Samsung: Offers diverse technologies like Neo QLED and QD-OLED, delivering impressive brightness, contrast, and color accuracy. The Samsung S95C QD-OLED is a standout model, pushing the boundaries of picture quality.
  • Sony: Known for its Bravia XR line with excellent processing power, upscaling capabilities, and rich colors. The Sony A95K QD-OLED is a premium option with stunning picture quality and immersive sound.


  • TCL: Provides excellent value for money with high-quality LED TVs featuring mini-LED backlighting for improved contrast and picture quality. The TCL QM8 series offers great performance at an affordable price point.
  • Hisense: Another budget-friendly option with impressive features like ULED technology for enhanced brightness and color. The Hisense U8 series is a popular choice for its balance of performance and affordability.
  • Vizio: Known for its user-friendly smart TV platform and competitive pricing. The Vizio P-Series Quantum delivers good picture quality and features at a reasonable cost.

Other factors to consider:

  • Screen size and resolution: Choose a size that suits your viewing distance and preferred resolution, with 4K becoming increasingly standard and 8K available on high-end models.
  • Smart TV features: Consider the platform’s ease of use, available apps, and voice assistant compatibility if you prioritize smart features.
  • Gaming performance: If you’re a gamer, look for TVs with HDMI 2.1 ports, low input lag, and variable refresh rate (VRR) for smooth and responsive gameplay.
  • Sound quality: Built-in speakers can be underwhelming, so consider pairing your TV with a soundbar or external speakers for better audio experience.

Here’s a quick summary table comparing some key features of the mentioned brands:

BrandHigh-end TechnologyMid-range ValueGaming Focus
SamsungNeo QLED, QD-OLEDQN800B seriesS95C series
SonyBravia XR, QD-OLEDA80K seriesX90K series
TCLMini-LEDQM8 seriesC835 series
HisenseULEDU8 seriesU7G series
VizioQuantumP-Series QuantumM-Series Quantum

Remember, the best brand for you ultimately depends on your individual needs and priorities. Research specific models within your budget and desired features to find the perfect TV for your viewing experience.