The best Bluetooth trackers for 2024

Losing your keys, wallet, or even your pet can be a heart-stopping experience. But fear not, forgetful wanderers! Bluetooth trackers have become powerful allies in the fight against misplaced belongings. Navigating the sea of options, however, can be tricky. Worry not, intrepid explorers! This guide unveils the top contenders in the Bluetooth tracker galaxy for 2024, catering to diverse needs and budgets.

Best Overall:

  • Tile Pro: This champion boasts a 400-foot range, long battery life, and access to the vast Find My Network for extended tracking. Its versatile design, water resistance, and loud ring feature make it a reliable lost-and-found warrior.

Best Budget:

  • Eufy Security SmartTrack Link: This pocket-friendly powerhouse delivers a 200-foot range, water resistance, and a replaceable battery. Its compact size and simple app make it ideal for tracking everyday essentials without breaking the bank.

Best for iPhone Users:

  • Apple AirTag: Seamless integration with the Find My app on iPhones provides unmatched precision tracking. Its compact size and sleek design blend seamlessly with Apple accessories, making it a perfect companion for iOS users.

Best for Android Users:

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2: This Samsung-powered option boasts a decent range, long battery life, and integration with the SmartThings Find network. Its durable design and water resistance make it a good choice for adventurous smartphone users.

Bonus Contenders:

  • Chipolo Card Spot: This credit card-sized wonder is perfect for wallets and bags. Its sleek design and long battery life make it a discreet but effective lost-and-found warrior.
  • Jiobit Smart Tag: For those seeking ultimate peace of mind, this tracker offers real-time GPS tracking and cellular connectivity, ideal for keeping tabs on kids and pets.

Choosing Your Tracking Ally:

  • Range: Consider the maximum distance you’ll need to track your items. Opt for longer-range options for keys and valuables, while smaller footprints suffice for wallets and bags.
  • Network access: Look for trackers that leverage existing networks like Find My or SmartThings Find for extended tracking beyond Bluetooth range.
  • Battery life: Choose a tracker that fits your usage patterns. Some offer replaceable batteries, while others boast long-lasting rechargeable options.
  • Size and design: Pick a size and design that suits your needs. Compact trackers are ideal for wallets, while larger ones are easier to locate on their own.
  • Additional features: Some trackers offer bells and whistles like replaceable covers, voice assistants, or even temperature sensors. Choose features that add value to your specific needs.