The 22 best Apple Watch faces you should be using

With the ever-expanding collection of Apple Watch faces, choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming. Here are 22 top contenders to consider, categorized by their strengths:

Classic and Elegant:

  • California: Clean and timeless design with customizable numerals and complications.
  • Simple: Minimalist face with large analog or digital clock display.
  • GMT: Dual time zones for international travelers.
  • Chronograph: Sporty look with stopwatch and sub-dials for additional info.

Informative and Functional:

  • Infograph: Highly customizable with up to six complications for various data points.
  • Modular: Multiple slots for complications in different sizes and layouts.
  • X-Large: Perfect for quick glances at essential information like time, date, and activity rings.
  • Utility: Focuses on practicality with stopwatch, timer, and battery level indicators.

Stylish and Playful:

  • Hermès: Luxurious designs from the iconic fashion house.
  • Nike: Sporty faces with motivational messages and workout metrics.
  • Mickey Mouse: Fun and animated with interactive elements.
  • Snoopy: Adorable dog character with playful animations throughout the day.

Unique and Creative:

  • Liquid Metal: Ever-changing fluid-like design.
  • Photos: Showcase your favorite picture as the watch face.
  • World Time: Rotating globe displaying different time zones.
  • Astronomy: Beautiful visualizations of the moon phases and constellations.

Hidden Gems:

  • Siri Face: Proactive suggestions and shortcuts based on your context.
  • Solar Dial: Interactive sundial with timekeeping based on the sun’s position.
  • Gradient: Colorful and customizable with various styles and color combinations.
  • Count Up: Perfect for tracking elapsed time or specific events.

Remember, the “best” Apple Watch face ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs.