Regular health check-ups are important to stay healthy, consult a physician.

The health system has changed a lot. Diagnosis has become easier, people have become aware of his health. Before, people were not so aware of diseases and illnesses. If he was very sick or died then the doctor would come to see him. Domestic totka, Ayurveda, all these were much more reliable. Medicine, the doctor did not like. But now there is a change in people’s lives. Everyone is paying attention to healthy eating and physical activity. Kovid later but that awareness has increased a lot more than before. Everyone wants to avoid various health problems. That is why the tendency towards healthy eating and drinking has increased. Even physicians recommend regular health checkups to stay healthy.

Doctors want to do less operation now than before. No one talks about the operation unless it is needed. On the contrary, if you are in regular take-up, the rate of illness can be reduced a lot. As Vishal Gupta, chief medical officer of Fortis Hospital, Noida, puts it, “Regular health check-ups are very important for every person.” Prevention is better than cure. It is easier to treat a disease if it is caught early. Also, if there is any other problem, people get a chance to be aware in advance. Accordingly, he started eating, drinking and taking medicines. But later on, the complications are much less. All the experts are emphasizing on the regular health checkup of the father so that everyone gets proper health care and stays healthy for a long time.

Through regular health check-ups we can find out if there is any problem in our body. Nowadays diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides are all problems at home. In addition, thyroid, gallbladder stone, prostate gland problems are also increasing. Cholesterol problems increase but heart problems come. Fatty liver problems also come. And those with diabetes, thyroid and blood pressure problems should get a health checkup at least twice a year.

During the annual checkup, be sure to let the doctor know if you have any problems with your disease or family history. At the same time, tell me what kind of medicine you take every day, whether you have a habit of drinking or smoking. People who have Hepatitis C, who have a family history of colorectal cancer, have a lung problem, but must have a CT scan. At the age of 50, special emphasis should be laid on all this.

Women will insist on all those health checks

1. You can get a mammography to see if there is a possibility of breast cancer.

2. Pap smear test for cervical cancer screening

3. Cholesterol problems

4. Screening for osteoporosis, abdominal scan

Boys should pay special attention to abdominal scans and prostate examinations. With that, you have to quit smoking. All the problems come from smoking and drinking.

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