Reasons Your WordPress Website is Loading Slow

Here are some of the reason why your website could be loading slow –

  •  Bad Hosting, you have a bad hosting server
  • Unoptimized Images, using unnecessarily big resolution uncompressed images.
  • JavaScript Issues -Render-Blocking JavaScript Is Delaying Page Loads
  • Large Media Files Are Increasing Loading Times, such as flash contents, images, gifs, videos etc
  • Excessive HTTP Request, your content and site is sending to many http requests
  • Not Making Use of Caching Techniques, you are not talking advantage you caching function
  • Unclean Code
  • You are Not Using gZIP Compression
  • Too Many Ads are running on the same page
  • Not Using a CDN Service
  • There’s Excessive Overhead in Your Database
  • Your Site CSS files aren’t Optimized
  • OPcache Isn’t Enabled
  • Missing Files Are Causing Errors
  • Plugins Are making your website heavy, you have to many plugin installed in your website