Qatar VS USA comparison

My Father works in Qatar, he gets free healthcare and income with no tax. There is no income tax on Qatar.

If he was in USA, he would pay like 50% of his income, with no health care. Infact health care in USA is almost untouchable. So he just could not have afforded it if he was in USA. He also gets cheap tickets.

Qatar is a ideal country for the world. It provides everything for free to it’s citizen, and it provides hundred thousand people good income. People from all around Asia. Government of Qatar is not as strict as Saudi Arab, not as lala land as Europes.

Unlike USA Qatar is much safer for women and men. Because by the time I wrote this answer, already one or two American is raped in USA. USA is not a country you compare with Qatar, there are much better countries. USA is a broken country that only knows how to bomb other nations and bullies other nations.

In USA lot of the states are in Water crisis, and it’s rich people and dumb followers are busy with Twitter and Mars and all sexual bizarre practices. While Qatar converts sea water and make it drinkable and supply it to it’s people. Qatar protects it’s women while USA show case women and let them get raped in the military. One in each five service women in USA gets raped.

When you try to Compare Qatar with USA it’s like comparing Sheikh Shadi (a great writer) with “Chagoler Ladi”(Goat Sh*t).

Another comparison would be tolerance, Qatar takes lot of workers from poor countries and provide them good salary while USA doesn’t welcome migrants even the whole country is based on Migrants.

Qatar Never attacked any nation while USA is the embodiment of invasion, destruction and genocide. After UK they took the pathetic job of human domination and destruction all around the world, and has done the same as their processor United Kingdom. UK has a bloody history of colonialism and for last 50 years or so USA has developed much worse reputation. Compare to USA even Russia is Saint Jones, and Qatar is like Arch Angel Gabriel.