MS Excel – Name Range

In Excel, a named range is a user-defined reference to a group of cells that you can refer to by a name instead of a cell reference. Naming a range of cells can make it easier to read and understand formulas, especially in complex spreadsheets. Here’s how to create a named range in Excel:

  1. Select the cells that you want to name.
  2. Click on the “Formulas” tab in the Excel ribbon.
  3. Click on the “Define Name” button in the “Defined Names” group.
  4. In the “New Name” dialog box, type a name for the range in the “Name” field.
  5. Choose the scope of the named range. You can either choose to make the named range available to the entire workbook, or just the worksheet you’re currently working on.
  6. In the “Refers to” field, verify that the cell range you want to name is displayed correctly.
  7. Click “OK” to create the named range.

Now you can use the named range in your formulas by typing the name you assigned to the range. For example, if you named a range of cells “SalesData”, you can use the following formula to add up the values in that range: =SUM(SalesData). Using named ranges can make formulas easier to read and understand, especially in larger or more complex spreadsheets.