Many areas in Qatar where workers are forced to leave their house due to FIFA World Cup 2022

In Najma Qatar many worker along with my Father lives. Just recently Qatar has cut off essential services like Water supply in many areas to force residents from the city to make place for World Cup 2022. They won’t do it to their own citizens but workers from other countries are more of less like Second class or even lower class human beings. Middle easterners doesn’t understand rights

Even though the Government already gave notice months ago about this, landlords and many companies didn’t send their employees on paid leave. Now that the world cup has gotten closer, Government is forced to clear out many areas.

Moving people and workers away like junks are on of the efforts by Government to make it look nicer for World Cup 2022. Suffering of Workers are little price to pay for their luxury. My father lived around Najma for almost a decade. Currently government has cut off Water supply from the area to force all the inhabitants around the area to leave. So he too has to leave and find a different place to settle in.

Many people around the area are workers and mostly expatriates currently lost their former place and looking for another places to settle. My Dad has been working in Qatar since 2007-8. So it’s been like over 15 years. In other developed countries where you can just apply for citizen ship and living such a long time usually gets you citizenship. But Qatar is not exactly like that, people from other countries doesn’t have much rights there. They can never get citizenship, as they are not equal humans as the original Qataris in their eyes.

These countries like Qatar and Saudi, they can’t exactly violate human rights because in there, many humans specially workers are not even considered humans. So you can’t violate a human right unless your victim is a human right ? The only good thing about this is where I live, Bangladesh, is a thousand time worse when it comes to Human Rights. It is basically a hell-hole for corrupted, diabolical human beings. Qatar is supposed to be a developed country so we expected much better. But middle eastern authorities have Middle Age mindset, they are used to see workers as slaves. It’s hard to overcome that habit.

AL Mahmud Khan.
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