Manage your Google payment info – Google Account Help

Managing your Google payment information is straightforward and can be done through various platforms, depending on your specific needs. Here are some options:

1. Google Payments: This platform is your one-stop shop for managing all your Google-related payments. You can:

  • View and edit your saved payment methods: Add, remove, or update credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts.
  • Set default payment methods: Choose which payment method will be used for Google purchases by default.
  • Manage subscriptions: See all your active Google subscriptions, cancel or renew them, and update payment information.
  • View payment history: Track all your Google purchases and payments in one place.

To access Google Payments, follow these steps:

2. Specific Google services: You can also manage your payment information directly within individual Google services, like:

  • Google Play Store: Edit your payment methods and view your purchase history within the Play Store app or website.
  • YouTube Premium: Manage your subscription and payment details within your YouTube settings.
  • Google Cloud: Update your billing information and payment methods for Google Cloud services directly in the Cloud Console.

3. Google Account settings: You can also access some basic payment information management options within your Google Account settings:

Additional resources:


  • Keep your Google payment information secure and up-to-date.
  • Be cautious about adding new payment methods, especially on public or shared devices.
  • Review your Google payments regularly to ensure you’re not being charged for unwanted subscriptions or services.