lawyer criminal defense near me in USA

Here are some resources to help you find a criminal defense lawyer in the USA:

  • Online directories:

    • FindLaw Lawyer Directory: – This is a large directory that allows you to search for lawyers by location and practice area.
    • LawInfo Attorney Directory: – Another directory with a focus on criminal defense attorneys.
    • – This website specifically helps connect people with criminal defense lawyers.
  • Legal matching services:

    • LegalMatch: – This service can connect you with pre-screened lawyers in your area and may even offer some free consultations.

Additionally, consider:

  • Bar association websites: Most state bar associations have lawyer referral services that can help you find a qualified attorney.
  • Word-of-mouth: Ask friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations for criminal defense lawyers.
  • Reviews: Read online reviews of lawyers before contacting them.


  • It’s important to interview a few lawyers before hiring one. This will help you find someone you feel comfortable with and who has the experience to handle your case.
  • Most criminal defense lawyers offer free consultations to discuss your situation.

Some criminal defense lawyer near you in USA