How to Use Watch Later on YouTube?

YouTube’s “Watch Later” is a convenient way to save videos you want to watch at a later time. It helps you keep track of videos that caught your interest but don’t have the time to watch immediately. Here’s how you can use the “Watch Later” feature on YouTube:

1. Sign In to Your YouTube Account:

  • Make sure you are signed in to your YouTube account. You need to have an account to use the “Watch Later” feature.

2. Find a Video to Save:

  • Browse YouTube and find a video that you want to watch later. This can be any video that you want to save for future viewing.

3. Access the Video Options:

  • Underneath the video player, you’ll see several options such as “Like,” “Dislike,” “Share,” and “Save.” Click on the “Save” icon. It looks like a clock with a plus sign (+) on it.

4. Choose “Watch Later”:

  • After clicking on the “Save” icon, a small menu will pop up with different options. Select “Watch Later” from the menu.

5. Confirm the Video Has Been Saved:

  • Once you’ve added the video to “Watch Later,” you’ll see a confirmation message at the bottom-left corner of the screen. It will say, “Added to Watch Later.”

6. Access “Watch Later” Playlist:

  • To view your saved videos, go to the YouTube homepage and click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner of the page.

7. Navigate to “Library” > “Watch Later”:

  • From the menu, click on “Library.” Inside the Library, you’ll see the “Watch Later” playlist. Click on it to access all the videos you’ve saved.

8. Remove Videos from “Watch Later”:

  • If you want to remove a video from your “Watch Later” playlist after watching it or if you change your mind, click on the three-dot menu next to the video and select “Remove from Watch Later.”

Note: The “Watch Later” feature is available both on the YouTube website and the YouTube mobile app. Videos added to the “Watch Later” playlist will be available on all devices where you are signed in with the same YouTube account.

By using the “Watch Later” feature, you can easily keep track of interesting videos and catch up on them when you have the time.

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