How to Use Spoiler Tags to Hide Messages and Images on Discord

You can use spoiler tags on Discord to hide messages and images that contain spoilers or sensitive information. Here’s how to use spoiler tags:

  1. To hide a message, enclose it in double vertical bars (“||”) at the beginning and end of the message. For example: ||This is a spoiler message||.
  2. To hide an image, attach it to your message, and then enclose the image URL in double vertical bars (“||”). For example: ||||.
  3. You can also use the spoiler tag button in the Discord chat window to add spoiler tags to your messages. This button looks like an exclamation point inside a circle and is located to the left of the text input box. Click on this button to add spoiler tags to your message automatically.

Once you send a message or image with spoiler tags, it will appear as a gray box with the word “spoiler” on it. Other Discord users can then click on the box to reveal the hidden content.

Note that spoiler tags are only effective if other users choose to click on them. Therefore, it’s important to indicate in your message that it contains spoilers, so that other users are aware that they may want to avoid reading or viewing it.

Overall, spoiler tags are a great way to prevent accidentally spoiling a movie, TV show, book, or game for other Discord users.