How to “Undo” on iPhone: 4 Different Ways?

Here are four different ways to undo actions on an iPhone:

  1. Shake to Undo: One of the simplest ways to undo an action on an iPhone is by shaking the device. This method works for many default apps, such as Messages, Notes, and Mail.
    • Perform the action you want to undo (e.g., typing text).
    • Gently shake your iPhone.
    • A pop-up menu should appear with the option to “Undo.”
  2. Keyboard Shortcut: When you’re typing, you can quickly undo your last action using a keyboard shortcut:
    • Tap the “Backspace” key on the keyboard (the key with the left-pointing arrow). This will undo the last action, such as deleting text.
  3. Gesture in Text Fields: In many apps, you can use a simple gesture to undo an action while typing:
    • Place two fingers on the text field.
    • Pinch them together (like you’re zooming out).
    • This gesture should trigger the “Undo” action.
  4. 3D Touch (iPhone Models with 3D Touch): If you have an iPhone model with 3D Touch capabilities (iPhone 6s and later, excluding iPhone SE 1st generation), you can use 3D Touch to undo actions:
    • Firmly press on the keyboard area.
    • The keyboard will turn into a trackpad mode.
    • Move the cursor to the position where you want to undo an action.
    • Press firmly again to invoke the “Undo” pop-up.

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