How to Unblock Someone on Snapchat

If you have previously blocked someone on Snapchat and want to unblock them, follow these steps:

  1. Open Snapchat: Launch the Snapchat app on your device.
  2. Go to your profile: Tap on your profile icon located in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Access your settings: Tap on the gear icon located in the top-right corner of the screen to access your settings.
  4. Select ‘Blocked’: Scroll down to the ‘Account Actions’ section and select ‘Blocked’ from the list of options.
  5. Find the person you want to unblock: You will see a list of all the people you have blocked. Find the person you want to unblock and tap on their name.
  6. Unblock the person: On their profile page, you will see an option to ‘Unblock’ them. Tap on this option to unblock the person.
  7. Confirm the action: A confirmation message will appear, asking if you are sure you want to unblock the person. Tap on ‘Yes’ to confirm.

That’s it! The person you have unblocked will now be able to see your Snapchat stories and send you snaps and messages again. Note that unblocking someone does not automatically add them back to your friends list, so you may need to search for and re-add them as a friend if you want to interact with them on Snapchat.