How to Strike Through, Bold, or Italicize Text in YouTube …

Here are the steps on how to strike through, bold, or italicize text in YouTube comments:

  1. Go to the YouTube video where you want to comment.
  2. Click the “Comment” button.
  3. Start typing your comment.
  4. To bold a word, surround it with asterisks (*). For example, to bold the word “YouTube”, you would type “YouTube“.
  5. To italicize a word, surround it with underscores (_). For example, to italicize the word “YouTube”, you would type “YouTube“.
  6. To strike through a word, surround it with hyphens (-). For example, to strike through the word “YouTube”, you would type “-YouTube-“.
  7. Once you’re finished formatting your text, click the “Post” button.

Here are some examples of how to format text in YouTube comments:

  • Bold: This text is bold.
  • Italic: This text is italic.
  • Strikethrough: -This text is strikethrough.-

You can also combine these formatting options. For example, to make a word bold and italic, you would surround it with asterisks and underscores. For example, to make the word “YouTube” bold and italic, you would type “YouTube“.

Please note that these formatting options are only available in YouTube comments. They are not available in video descriptions or other parts of YouTube.

For video titles and descriptions, it’s best to focus on creating clear and engaging text content without relying on formatting options that aren’t officially supported.

If you are a content creator and looking to format text for your videos, consider using video editing software to add text overlays with the desired formatting before uploading the video to YouTube. Many video editing tools offer text customization options, allowing you to apply bold, italics, and other styles to the text as needed.

Remember that YouTube’s primary function is for video content sharing, so the platform might not offer extensive text formatting features like those found in word processors or text editors.

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