How To Recover Deleted Facebook Story

Recover Deleted Facebook Story

Accidentally deleting a Facebook story can be distressing, as these temporary posts hold special moments. This article delves into the process of recovering deleted Facebook stories, shedding light on potential methods to retrieve these posts.

By understanding the available options, whether through recent activity logs, archived stories, or reaching out to Facebook support, users can navigate the steps required to recover their lost stories.

Can I Recover A Deleted Facebook Story?

Yes, you can recover deleted Facebook stories, but it’s a time-sensitive process. Within 30 days of deletion, you can access the “Archive” section in your Facebook app, where deleted stories are temporarily stored. From there, you can restore or download them. After 30 days, they’re permanently lost.


However, there are some ways to through you can recovered deleted Facebook story if the provided day surpass. We have mentioned all of them below for you in detail.

How Do I Recover A Deleted Facebook Story?

Recovering a deleted Facebook story can be attempted through the following steps:

  • Recent Activity Log: Access your Facebook profile, click on the three horizontal lines, and select “Activity Log.” Look for the story in the “Your Posts” section, where you might find the deleted story.
  • Archive Stories: Check if the deleted story is in the “Archive Stories” section. Go to your profile, tap on “Archive Stories” under “Stories,” and see if the deleted story is available for recovery.
  • Contact Support: If the above methods don’t work, reach out to Facebook’s support team. Explain the situation and inquire if they can assist in recovering the deleted story.
  • Quick Action: Act promptly, as stories are time-sensitive. The sooner you try to recover, the higher the chances of success.
  • Preventive Measures: Consider regularly saving your Facebook stories or using backup options to prevent future loss.
  • Your Third Party Apps: Apart from the above mentioned methods, you can also use Wondershare Recoverit software to get deleted story backs. Also, if you use the Wondershare Recoverit discount code to get this software at a low price.

Remember that recovery success isn’t guaranteed, and options might vary based on account settings and timing. It’s recommended to explore these avenues as soon as possible for the best chances of recovering a deleted Facebook story.


What If I Deleted My Story More Than 24 Hours Ago?

If you deleted your Facebook story more than 24 hours ago, the chances of recovering it become significantly limited. Facebook’s story feature is designed to retain posts for a short period, typically around 24 hours, after which they are automatically removed.


Once this window has passed, the options for recovery become scarce. While you can still explore your recent activity log or the “Archive Stories” section for potential traces, the likelihood of successful recovery diminishes over time.

Therefore, it’s advisable to act swiftly if you wish to retrieve a deleted story and explore recovery methods promptly within the first 24 hours for the best chance of success.

What If I Didn’t Save My Deleted Story To My Archive?

If you didn’t save your deleted Facebook story to your archive, the recovery options become more limited. Facebook’s archive feature allows you to temporarily store deleted stories, but if you didn’t utilize this option, retrieving the story becomes challenging.

Your best course of action is to check your recent activity log and reach out to Facebook support if the story was particularly significant. However, keep in mind that without saving to the archive, the chances of successful recovery diminish.

It’s advisable to utilize archive features in the future to prevent similar data loss and ensure a higher likelihood of story retrieval in case of accidental deletion.


The process of recovering a deleted Facebook story involves checking recent activity logs, exploring archive features, and potentially reaching out to Facebook support. Swift action is key, as stories are time-sensitive.

While success is not guaranteed, being proactive and familiarizing yourself with available recovery options can increase your chances of retrieving a deleted story. Regularly utilizing archive features and promptly addressing accidental deletions can help prevent future data loss and ensure a more secure and well-maintained collection of your cherished Facebook stories.

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