How to Multiply Cells and Numbers in Excel

To multiply cells and numbers in Microsoft Excel, you can use the following methods:

  1. Using the formula =A1B1: This formula multiplies the values in cells A1 and B1. Simply type “=” in a cell, click on cell A1, type an asterisk (), click on cell B1, and press Enter. The result will appear in the cell you entered the formula in.
  2. Using the Multiply function: You can also use the Multiply function in Excel by using the following formula: =PRODUCT(A1:B1). This formula multiplies the values in cells A1 through B1.
  3. Using the AutoSum button: You can use the AutoSum button in Excel to quickly multiply numbers. Simply select the cells that contain the numbers you want to multiply, click the AutoSum button, and then press the “*” key on your keyboard. The formula =SUM(A1:B1)C1 will be automatically generated, where C1 is the cell where you entered the “” symbol.

In all of these methods, you can replace the cell references with numbers if you prefer. For example, instead of using cell references, you can enter the formula =2*3 to multiply 2 by 3.