How to gift games on Steam

Gifting the Gift of Gaming: How to Gift Games on Steam

Sharing the joy of gaming with friends is a fantastic way to connect and create lasting memories. Steam, the popular online gaming platform, offers a convenient way to gift games directly to your friends and family. Here’s a detailed guide on how to gift games on Steam:


  • You’ll need a Steam account with enough funds to cover the cost of the game you want to gift.
  • Your friend must also have a Steam account.

Gifting a Game:

  1. Locate the Game: Head over to the Steam website ( or launch the Steam application on your computer. Browse the Steam Store to find the game you want to gift.

  2. Add to Cart: Once you’ve found the perfect game, click the “Add to Cart” button.

  3. Select “Purchase as Gift”: In your shopping cart, you’ll see the option to “Purchase as a Gift” right below the game title and price. Click this button to proceed with gifting.

  4. Choose Your Recipient: A new window will pop up displaying your Steam friend list. Select the friend you want to gift the game to by clicking their username. You can also enter their Steam Community profile URL if they’re not on your friend list yet, but they’ll need to add you as a friend to accept the gift.

  5. Schedule Delivery (Optional): Steam allows you to schedule the gift delivery for a future date. This is a great option for surprising someone on a special occasion. If you want to deliver the gift immediately, leave the scheduling option untouched.

  6. Add a Personal Message (Optional): You can personalize your gift by adding a message to your friend. This could be a birthday wish, a congratulations message, or simply a friendly note.

  7. Complete the Purchase: Review the recipient’s name, delivery date (if applicable), and your gift message. Once everything looks good, click the “Purchase” button to complete the transaction. The game will be automatically added to your friend’s Steam library once the purchase is confirmed.

Receiving a Gifted Game:

  • Your friend will receive a notification email from Steam informing them that they’ve received a gift.
  • They can log in to their Steam account and view the gift details in their library.
  • They can then choose to accept the gift and add it to their Steam library permanently.

Important Notes:

  • You can only gift games that are currently available for purchase on the Steam Store.
  • Regional restrictions might apply to certain games. Make sure the game you want to gift is compatible with your friend’s region.
  • Once a gift is purchased, it cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Gifting games on Steam is a quick and easy way to share your love of gaming with others. With these simple steps, you can bring joy to your friends and family and create lasting gaming memories together.