How to Gameshare on PS4

Share the Fun: How to Gameshare on PS4

Ever wished you could share your awesome PS4 game library with a friend? Well, you’re in luck! Sony’s PlayStation 4 allows a nifty feature called gamesharing, letting you share your digital games with another PS4 user. This way, your friend can enjoy your gaming bounty without purchasing the games themselves.

Here’s a breakdown on how to activate gamesharing on your PS4:

The Essentials:

  • Two PS4 consoles: One for you (the sharing account) and one for your friend (the receiving account).
  • A PlayStation Network (PSN) account for each of you.
  • Your friend’s PSN account must be added to your PS4 as a sub-account. This isn’t the same as your main account, but allows them to access some features on your console.

Steps to Gameshare:

  1. Log in with Your Account: On your friend’s PS4, navigate to the PlayStation login screen and sign in using your PSN account information (the one with the games you want to share).

  2. Head to Settings: Once logged in, head to the main PS4 menu and navigate to Settings.

  3. Account Management: Within Settings, scroll down and select Account Management.

  4. Activate as Primary PS4 (The Key Step): Here comes the magic! In Account Management, find the option Activate as Your Primary PS4. Select this and confirm your choice. This essentially sets your friend’s PS4 as your main console, allowing them to access your game library.

LÆ°u ý (Note): You can only have one PS4 designated as your primary console at a time. If you’ve previously activated another PS4 as your primary, you’ll need to deactivate it before activating your friend’s console.

  1. Download and Play: After successful activation, your friend can head back to the PlayStation Store or game library and browse your shared games. They can download and install any game you own digitally, and then play it using their own PSN account.

Congratulations! You’ve now enabled gamesharing on your PS4. Your friend can enjoy your gaming collection while you retain full access on your own console.

Some things to Remember:

  • Only downloaded games can be shared: Disc-based games cannot be gameshared.
  • DLC and add-ons are not shared: Only the base game itself is accessible through gamesharing.
  • Online play might require PS Plus: For some games, online features may require your friend to have a separate PS Plus subscription to play online.

Gamesharing is a fantastic way to experience the joy of gaming with friends. Just remember, sharing is caring, so choose your gamesharing partner wisely!