How to gameshare on an Xbox One

Double the Fun: A Guide to Gamesharing on Xbox One

The Xbox One offers a fantastic feature for gamers who love to share: gamesharing! This allows you to share your digital game library with another Xbox One user, letting them enjoy your collection without them needing to buy the games themselves.

Here’s a roadmap to get you started with gamesharing on your Xbox One:

The Game Plan:

  • Two Xbox One consoles: One for you (the sharing account) and your friend (the receiving account).
  • Xbox Live accounts for both of you: Each person needs their own unique Xbox Live account.
  • Adding your friend’s account to your Xbox One: This allows them to access some features on your console. It’s different from their main account.

Steps to Gameshare Success:

  1. Welcome Aboard: Adding Your Friend’s Account: On your Xbox One, navigate to the main menu and select Settings.

  2. Account: Within Settings, scroll down and find Account. Select it to proceed.

  3. Sign-in & security: Under Account, you’ll see options related to your account security. Navigate to Sign-in, security & password.

  4. Add an account: Here comes the friend connection! Select the option Add an account. This will guide you through adding your friend’s Xbox Live account to your console.

  5. Make it Their Home (The Key Move): Once your friend’s account is added, head back to Settings and navigate to Personalization.

  6. My home Xbox: Within Personalization, select the option My home Xbox. This is where the magic happens!

  7. Set this as your home Xbox: Now, choose Make this my home Xbox. By confirming this, you’re essentially designating your friend’s console as your primary Xbox One. This grants them access to your digital game library.

Important Note: You can only have your account set as the “home Xbox” on one console at a time. If you’ve previously activated another console, you’ll need to deactivate it before activating your friend’s Xbox One.

  1. Download and Play: After successful activation, your friend can head to the Microsoft Store or their Games & Apps library. They’ll see your shared game collection! Anything you own digitally can be downloaded and played using their own account.

Sharing the Joy:

Congratulations! You’ve now enabled gamesharing on your Xbox One. Your friend can delve into your gaming treasures, while you retain full access on your own console.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Disc games are off-limits: Gamesharing only applies to digital games purchased through the Microsoft Store. Disc-based games cannot be shared.
  • Sharing the DLC love? Not quite: Gamesharing extends to the base game only, not downloadable content (DLC) or add-ons.
  • Online play might require Xbox Live Gold: For some games, online features may require your friend to have a separate Xbox Live Gold subscription to play online.

By following these steps, you can unlock the world of gamesharing on your Xbox One and enjoy the thrill of gaming together, even on separate consoles!