How to Fix the Windows Key Not Working on Windows 10

There are a few things you can do to fix the Windows key not working on Windows 10.

  1. Check if the Windows key is locked. Some keyboards have a dedicated key or switch that can lock the Windows key. This is often used in gaming keyboards to prevent accidental presses of the Windows key. Check your keyboard’s documentation or look for a key or switch labeled “Windows Lock” or “Fn Lock”.
  2. Disable Filter Keys. Filter Keys is a feature that can slow down or repeat keystrokes. It is designed to help people with disabilities, but it can also interfere with the Windows key. To disable Filter Keys, go to Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard and uncheck the box next to “Turn on Filter Keys”.
  3. Use a PowerShell command. There is a PowerShell command that can reset the Windows key functionality. To use this command, open PowerShell as administrator and type the following command:

reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout /v Scancode Map /t REG_DWORD /d 00000000

Restart your computer after running this command.

  1. Make changes to the Registry. You can also try making changes to the Windows Registry to fix the Windows key not working issue. However, this is a more advanced solution and should only be attempted by experienced users. To make changes to the Registry, you will need to open the Registry Editor. Go to Start > Run and type “regedit”. In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout

Right-click on the “Scancode Map” value and select “Modify”. In the Value Data field, enter the value “00000000” and click “OK”. Restart your computer after making this change.

  1. Update your keyboard drivers. Outdated or corrupt keyboard drivers can also cause the Windows key not working issue. To update your keyboard drivers, go to the website of your keyboard manufacturer and download the latest drivers for your keyboard. Once you have downloaded the drivers, install them on your computer.

  2. Run a System File Checker scan. A System File Checker scan can help to repair corrupted system files that may be causing the Windows key not working issue. To run a System File Checker scan, open Command Prompt as administrator and type the following command:

sfc /scannow

This scan may take some time to complete. Once the scan is finished, restart your computer and see if the Windows key is working again.

  1. Reinstall Windows. As a last resort, you can try reinstalling Windows. This will remove all of the programs and settings on your computer, so be sure to back up your data first. To reinstall Windows, go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and select “Reset this PC”.

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