How To Fix Random Restarts on Windows 10/11

Random restarts on Windows 10/11 can be a frustrating and disruptive experience. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to identify and resolve the underlying cause:

  1. Check for hardware issues: Overheating, faulty hardware components, or power supply problems can trigger random restarts. Ensure your computer’s cooling system is functioning properly, check for any loose connections or damaged components, and verify that your power supply is adequate for your system’s requirements.

  2. Update drivers: Outdated or incompatible drivers, particularly graphics card drivers, can cause instability and lead to random restarts. Update all your drivers to the latest versions from the manufacturer’s website or use a driver update tool.

  3. Disable Fast Startup: Fast Startup can sometimes lead to conflicts and cause random restarts. Try disabling Fast Startup to see if it resolves the issue.

  1. Check for malware: Malware infections can interfere with system processes and cause instability. Run a thorough scan with a reputable antivirus or anti-malware program to eliminate any potential threats.

  2. Run system maintenance tasks: Disk errors, system file corruption, or registry issues can also contribute to random restarts. Utilize system maintenance tools like chkdsk, SFC scannow, and DISM to check and repair any underlying system issues.

  3. Check for software conflicts: Certain third-party applications or software can conflict with system processes and cause instability. Try disabling or uninstalling any recently installed programs to identify potential conflicts.

  4. Check system event logs: Windows Event Viewer can provide valuable insights into system events and potential errors that might be causing random restarts. Check the System and Application logs for any critical errors or warnings that might point to the underlying cause.

  5. Reset Windows: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, consider performing a system reset. This will reinstall Windows while preserving your personal files and settings, potentially eliminating any software or configuration issues causing the random restarts.

Remember, if you’re not comfortable troubleshooting hardware or system issues, it’s always advisable to consult a qualified computer technician for assistance.

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