How to Find Your Lost iPhone

  1. Use the “Find My” app: The Find My app is pre-installed on all iPhones and can be used to locate a lost device. Open the app and sign in with your Apple ID. The app will show the location of your device on a map.
  2. Log in to iCloud: If you can’t access your device, you can also log in to from a web browser and select “Find My” to locate your device.
  3. Play a sound: If you think your device is nearby, you can use the Find My app or iCloud to play a sound on your device, even if it’s on silent.
  4. Call your phone: If your phone is nearby, you can try calling it to see if it rings.
  5. Contact your network carrier: If you’ve lost your phone and it’s turned off or not connected to the internet, contact your network carrier and report it as lost. They may be able to help you locate it.
  6. Check the last location: If your phone has been turned off or the battery has died, you can check the last known location of your device.
  7. Lost mode: If you can’t find your phone, put your device in lost mode, this will lock your device with a passcode, and display a message on the lock screen with a phone number for the person who finds it to call you.
  8. Erase your device: If you’re unable to recover your device and it’s important to keep your personal information secure, you can erase your device remotely. This will erase all data from your device and make it impossible for anyone to access your personal information.