How to create and set a live wallpaper on your iPhone or Android

Creating and setting a live wallpaper on an iPhone or Android device involves different processes. Here’s how you can do it for each platform:

Creating and Setting a Live Wallpaper on iPhone (iOS):

  1. Choose a Live Photo: Live Photos are short, animated images that you can use as live wallpapers. To use a Live Photo as a wallpaper, first, make sure you have a Live Photo saved on your device.
  2. Set Live Wallpaper:
    • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
    • Scroll down and tap on “Wallpaper.”
    • Tap on “Choose a New Wallpaper.”
    • Navigate to your Live Photo and select it.
    • Choose whether you want to set it as the lock screen, home screen, or both.
    • Adjust the display area if needed.
    • Tap “Set” and choose “Set Lock Screen,” “Set Home Screen,” or “Set Both” as desired.

Creating and Setting a Live Wallpaper on Android:

  1. Download a Live Wallpaper App: Unlike iOS, Android devices often require third-party apps to use live wallpapers.
  2. Install a Live Wallpaper App:
    • Open the Google Play Store.
    • Search for “Live Wallpaper” apps.
    • Choose a reputable app with good reviews, like “Muzei Live Wallpaper,” “KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker,” or “Walloop.”
  3. Create and Set Live Wallpaper:
    • Open the live wallpaper app you’ve installed.
    • Browse the available live wallpapers or create your own using the app’s features.
    • Once you’ve selected or created a live wallpaper, tap on the “Set Wallpaper” or similar button.
    • Choose whether to set it as the home screen, lock screen, or both.

Keep in mind that live wallpapers can impact battery life, especially on Android devices. While they can be visually appealing, they might consume more power than static wallpapers.

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