How to Change the Background in Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a project management tool that allows users to create and manage tasks within a team. Although it does not have a built-in feature to change the background, you can change the theme or color scheme to personalize your Planner board. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Planner

Open the Microsoft Planner app on your device.

Step 2: Select the Plan

Select the Plan that you want to change the theme or color scheme.

Step 3: Click on the Three Dots

Click on the three dots (ellipsis) at the top-right corner of the Plan.

Step 4: Click on “Plan Settings”

From the drop-down menu, select “Plan settings.”

Step 5: Select “Change Plan Theme”

Under the “Plan settings,” select “Change plan theme.”

Step 6: Choose a Theme or Color Scheme

You can choose one of the predefined themes or create your own custom color scheme. Click on any of the predefined themes to preview it.

Step 7: Customize Your Theme

If you want to create your own custom color scheme, click on the “Custom” tab, and then select a color for each element of the Planner board, including the header, background, and primary and secondary text colors.

Step 8: Save Changes

Once you’ve chosen your theme or created your own custom color scheme, click on the “Save” button to apply the changes to your Planner board.

By following these steps, you can personalize your Planner board by changing the theme or color scheme, which can help to improve the aesthetics and make it more visually appealing.