How do I get a tracking number for my mail for USPS?

Unfortunately, you can’t actually get a tracking number for all your mail with USPS. Most standard mail, like letters and postcards, doesn’t come with tracking by default. However, there are different ways to get tracking depending on the situation:

For mail you sent:

  • Receipt from the Post Office: If you mailed your item at a Post Office and paid for postage with tracking, your receipt will have the tracking number printed on it.
  • Email confirmation: If you mailed online through, you should have received an email confirmation with the tracking number.
  • Online account: If you have a account, you can log in and see a list of your recent shipments, including the tracking numbers.

For mail you’re expecting:

  • Informed Delivery: Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery. You’ll receive daily emails with grayscale scans of your incoming mail, including packages with tracking numbers.
  • Contact the sender: Ask the sender if they used tracking or can provide you with the tracking number.
  • Wait for a delivery notice: If the package is large or requires a signature, USPS may leave a delivery notice with the tracking number on your door.

Additional options:

  • Priority Mail Express: All Priority Mail Express shipments automatically come with tracking and signature confirmation.
  • Registered Mail: Registered Mail also comes with tracking and requires a signature upon delivery.
  • Third-party shipping services: If you used a third-party shipping service like UPS or FedEx, they will have their own tracking system and procedures.

If you’re unsure whether your mail has tracking or not, the best way to find out is to contact the sender or visit the USPS website. You can also try searching for your package using the recipient’s name and address on the USPS website.