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Women constitute fifty percent of all the human population. For ages and times, it has been a prevailing point and fact that women were not allowed to put their thoughts, ideas, and views in society. But since then, we have progressed a lot. Now women have equal rights as men, but still, exceptions are there. To meet their adversities, blogging platforms have been established for women, giving them a platform to express their ideas, opinions, and views. Here are some of the most important and characteristics features of free blogging platform for women bloggers: –

1- Anonymity

Sometimes due to certain social constraints, obstructions, and impediments, women cannot express their views and ideas and use their freedom of speech and expression. For example, sometimes women journalists are threatened by big media houses for independent journalism. In these cases, the anonymity feature of the free blogging platform For women bloggers helps. These platforms have given the perfect opportunity to deprived women who are being molested every day. Anonymity helps these women to share their pain, anguish, and problems. They can put their thoughts on the table and let the people know their views. In this way, cyber police can track them as well.

2- Format and Wide Range of Features

The format of blogs is a very important aspect to note and consider. One gets attracted only when he finds something striking. For women bloggers, these free blogging platforms have a wide range of pre-made formats that women can easily use.  The platforms also enable the users to add interactive graphs, videos, speech, pictures, and written text. These features surely grab the audience’s attention and enable the writer to get a worldwide audience. Also, there are many useful tools as well.

3- Easy to Use

For women bloggers, these free blogging platforms are very easy to use and implement. No pre-requisite information or knowledge is needed priorly. Even an illiterate person can use them with ease and great comfort and convenience. Also, if someone is facing challenges, these platforms have a dedicated helping section and tutorials, from which one can easily learn.

4- Audience Base

If you take a seminar or workshop, you can hardly connect with 100- 200 people only. Still, with the help of these free blogging platforms, one can connect easily with millions of users worldwide of different ethnicity, religion, geographical area, language, and races. So you can make your voice clear and loud with these free blogging platforms.

5- Earning

We all strive for fame and money. While publishing on these platforms, one can express their ideas, opinions, and views with the whole world and earn a good amount of money. The earning depends upon various factors like page views, your writing style, audience engagement, etc. Regarding the earning part, one is guided by these platforms as well. So there is nothing to worry about. Just chill and write!

So these were some of the most important features which women find easy, productive, and convenient. These platforms are a boon for them. So their use must be proactively promoted.

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