Does Walmart take Apple Pay in 2024?

No, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay directly in 2024. Despite its widespread popularity, Walmart has yet to integrate Apple Pay into its payment system.

Here are some possible reasons why Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay:

  • Transaction fees: Apple charges a fee for each Apple Pay transaction, which Walmart might be trying to avoid.
  • Control over payment ecosystem: Walmart has its own mobile payment solution called Walmart Pay, and they might want to prioritize its use within their stores.
  • Integration complexity: Implementing Apple Pay might require significant technical and logistical changes to Walmart’s existing infrastructure.

Alternatives to Apple Pay at Walmart:

  • Walmart Pay: This is Walmart’s own mobile payment solution that allows you to pay using your smartphone and the Walmart app.
  • Contactless payment cards: You can use contactless credit cards or debit cards that support tap-to-pay functionality.
  • Cash or traditional credit/debit cards: These are still accepted at all Walmart stores.

While Apple Pay isn’t accepted directly, there are still several convenient ways to pay at Walmart. It’s important to note that the situation could change in the future, so keep an eye out for any updates or announcements from Walmart regarding Apple Pay compatibility.