Paths – aaPanel Administrator Guide – Where is php directory in aapanel

Where is php directory in aapanel #aaPanel aaPanel installation directory: /www/server aaPanel site default directory: /www/wwwroot aaPanel logs file:tmp/panelBoot aaPanel site logs file:/www/wwwlogs #PHP PHP configuration file: /www/server/php/{52|53|54|55|56|70|71}/etc/php.ini PHP installation directory: /www/server/php #Apache Apache vhost configuration file:/www/server/panel/vhost/apache Apache main configuration file:/www/server/apache/conf/httpd.conf #Nginx Nginx vhost configuration file:/www/server/panel/vhost/nginx Nginx main configuration file:/www/server/nginx/conf/nginx.conf #MySQL MySQL installation directory: /www/server/mysql MySQL data directory: /www/server/data MySQL configuration […]

Install Plesk on Centos VPS server

Install operating system in VPS control panel Login with putty root / user / server ip – Change the password if prompted Type nano /etc/yum.repos.d/mariadb.repo on command line. If nano command not found use the following code – sudo yum install -y nano Copy and paste the following – [mariadb] name = MariaDB baseurl = […]