Best Wireless Home Security Cameras of 2024

Here are some top contenders based on different criteria:

Best Overall: Reolink Argus PT Ultra

  • Pro: Excellent value with 4K video quality, a bright spotlight, pan-tilt functionality, and weatherproof design.
  • Con: Requires a microSD card for local storage (cloud storage optional).

Best for Smart Detection: Nest Cam (battery)

  • Pro: Uses Google’s machine learning for accurate person, pet, vehicle, and motion detection with familiar face recognition.
  • Con: Requires a Nest Aware subscription for some features and cloud storage.

Best Outdoor Camera: Arlo Pro 4

  • Pro: Excellent 2K HDR video quality with a wide field of view, weatherproof design, and integrated siren.
  • Con: Requires a separate hub or Arlo Smart subscription for cloud storage and some features.

Best Indoor Camera: Eufy Solo IndoorCam C120

  • Pro: Affordable price with clear 2K video quality, night vision, and activity zones for motion detection customization.
  • Con: Lacks some features of higher-end cameras, like pan-tilt and cloud storage (optional).

Best Budget Pick: Blink Indoor cam

  • Pro: Very affordable with simple setup, night vision, and two-year battery life.
  • Con: Lower video resolution (720p) and requires a Blink Subscription for cloud storage and some features.

Other factors to consider when choosing a wireless home security camera:

  • Video resolution: Higher resolution (like 2K or 4K) provides sharper image quality.
  • Field of view: Wider field of view captures more of the area but may reduce detail.
  • Night vision: Important for monitoring your home at night.
  • Motion detection: Look for cameras with customizable motion zones and accurate detection.
  • Weatherproofing: Essential for outdoor cameras.
  • Cloud storage: Consider if you need cloud storage for video recordings and how much storage you need.
  • Battery life or wired power: Choose battery-powered cameras for flexibility or wired for continuous power.
  • Smart home integration: Check if the camera works with your smart home system.

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