Best Photo Viewer Apps for Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a built-in photo viewer called “Photos,” but some users prefer third-party apps with additional features and a more customizable interface. Here are some popular photo viewer apps for Windows 10:

  1. IrfanView:
    • IrfanView is a lightweight and fast image viewer with a wide range of supported formats. It also includes basic editing features and supports plugins for extended functionality.
  2. FastStone Image Viewer:
    • FastStone is a feature-rich image viewer with a user-friendly interface. It supports a variety of formats and includes basic editing tools, a slideshow creator, and batch processing capabilities.
  3. XnView:
    • XnView is a powerful and versatile photo viewer that supports a wide range of image formats. It also offers basic editing features, batch conversion, and is available in a portable version.
  4. Nomacs:
    • Nomacs is an open-source image viewer with a modern and customizable interface. It supports various formats, includes basic editing tools, and has features like synchronized zooming and multiple instances.
  5. HoneyView:
    • HoneyView is a lightweight image viewer with a clean and intuitive interface. It supports various image formats, including comics and archives, and includes basic navigation and slideshow features.
  6. JPEGView:
    • JPEGView is a simple and fast image viewer with a focus on handling JPEG files efficiently. It is lightweight, customizable, and includes basic editing features.
  7. Imagine Picture Viewer:
    • Imagine Picture Viewer is a simple and lightweight photo viewer with support for various image formats. It includes basic navigation and slideshow features.
  8. ACDSee Free:
    • ACDSee Free is a scaled-down version of the commercial ACDSee software. It provides a fast and efficient way to view images and includes some basic editing tools.
  9. QuickLook:
    • QuickLook is a lightweight and fast image viewer inspired by macOS’s Quick Look feature. It allows you to preview images quickly by pressing the spacebar without opening a separate application.
  10. Windows Photo Viewer (Classic):
    • Windows Photo Viewer was the default photo viewer in earlier versions of Windows. If you prefer its classic interface, you can enable it on Windows 10 using registry tweaks or third-party tools.

Choose the one that best fits your preferences and requirements. Keep in mind that some apps may offer additional features beyond basic image viewing, such as editing, batch processing, or organizational tools.

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