Best free Android apps available

Here are 35 of the best free Android apps available:

  1. Google Photos – for storing, organizing, and sharing photos and videos
  2. WhatsApp – for free messaging and calling with friends and family
  3. Spotify – for streaming music and podcasts
  4. Google Maps – for navigation and directions
  5. VLC – for playing videos and music in various formats
  6. Google Drive – for cloud storage and collaboration
  7. Google Chrome – for browsing the web
  8. Facebook – for staying connected with friends and family
  9. Instagram – for sharing photos and videos
  10. Messenger – for messaging with friends and family
  11. Twitter – for staying up to date with news and trends
  12. Evernote – for taking notes and organizing ideas
  13. Microsoft Office – for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  14. Adobe Acrobat Reader – for viewing and editing PDFs
  15. CamScanner – for scanning and digitizing documents
  16. Dropbox – for cloud storage and file sharing
  17. Amazon Kindle – for reading eBooks
  18. Google Translate – for translating text and speech
  19. Waze – for real-time traffic and road information
  20. Trello – for managing tasks and projects
  21. Slack – for team communication and collaboration
  22. LinkedIn – for networking and job searching
  23. Zoom – for video conferencing and virtual meetings
  24. Duolingo – for learning new languages
  25. Khan Academy – for online education and learning resources
  26. TED – for inspiring talks and ideas
  27. Google Podcasts – for listening to podcasts
  28. Pocket – for saving and reading articles and webpages
  29. Shazam – for identifying songs and music
  30. Mint – for managing finances and tracking expenses
  31. Quora – for asking and answering questions
  32. AccuWeather – for weather forecasts and alerts
  33. Google Fit – for tracking fitness and activity goals
  34. Google Keep – for creating and managing notes and lists
  35. LastPass – for managing passwords and online security

Note that some of these apps may offer premium features or in-app purchases for additional functionality, but they are all available for free download and use.