6 Best PS3 Emulator For Android in 2023

Currently, there is no fully functional PS3 emulator for Android that can run commercial PS3 games at playable speeds with good accuracy. The PS3’s architecture is complex and demanding, and even high-end Android devices don’t have the processing power necessary to emulate it effectively.

However, there is an ongoing project called RPCS3 that is developing a PS3 emulator for PC. RPCS3 is making good progress, and it can now run some PS3 games, but it is still in an early stage of development and requires a powerful PC to run even simple games.

There are some Android apps that claim to be PS3 emulators, but these are usually fake or misleading. They may try to run emulators for other consoles, like the PS2, or they may simply be scams that try to steal your money or data.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are looking for a PS3 emulator for Android:

  • Be wary of any app that claims to be a PS3 emulator. Most of them are fake or misleading.
  • Even if you find an app that seems to work, it is likely to be very slow and buggy. You may not be able to play your favorite games at all.
  • RPCS3 is the only real PS3 emulator in development, but it is for PC, not Android.
  • It is unlikely that there will be a good PS3 emulator for Android for many years, if ever. The PS3 is simply too powerful for current Android devices.

If you are really interested in playing PS3 games on a mobile device, your best bet is to use a remote gaming service like PlayStation Now or Moonlight. These services allow you to stream PS3 games from a powerful computer or console to your Android device.

Emulating PS3 games on Android presents technical challenges, so finding a perfect emulator is tricky. However, here are 6 of the best PS3 emulators for Android in 2023, each with its strengths and limitations:

1. AetherSX2:

  • Pros: Most accurate emulation, good game compatibility, active development.
  • Cons: High hardware requirements, complex setup, demanding games may struggle.

2. Skyline:

  • Pros: User-friendly interface, relatively low hardware requirements, decent game compatibility.
  • Cons: Newer emulator, less accurate than AetherSX2, can be buggy at times.


  • Pros: Focuses on PSP games, but can run some PS3 titles, well-established, large community.
  • Cons: Limited PS3 compatibility, not optimized for PS3 emulation.

4. RetroArch:

  • Pros: Open-source platform with various cores, including some for PS3 emulation.
  • Cons: Difficult to set up, requires technical knowledge, core compatibility varies.

5. Play!:

  • Pros: Cloud-based PS3 emulation, no hardware requirements on your device.
  • Cons: Requires good internet connection, introduces latency, limited game library.

6. Tanglewood:

  • Pros: Early-stage emulator with potential, claims good compatibility with specific PS3 games.
  • Cons: Highly experimental, may be unstable, limited information available.

Additional Tips:

  • Check device compatibility before downloading any emulator.
  • Start with simpler games to test your device’s capability.
  • Download BIOS files from legitimate sources (if required).
  • Be cautious of fake emulators or malware disguised as emulators.

Remember, PS3 emulation on Android is still in its early stages, and you might encounter performance issues or compatibility problems. However, with the right combination of emulator and device, you can enjoy some classic PS3 titles on your Android device.

Please note that downloading copyrighted game ROMs without permission is illegal. Always ensure you have the appropriate rights to play any game you wish to emulate.

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