2 Simple Ways to Make a Photo Collage on Your iPhone

Creating a photo collage on your iPhone is a fun way to combine multiple photos into a single image. Here are two simple methods to make a photo collage on your iPhone:

Method 1: Using the Built-in Photos App

  1. Open the Photos app: Launch the “Photos” app on your iPhone.
  2. Select Photos: Tap on the “Photos” tab at the bottom of the screen and navigate to the pictures you want to include in your collage. Tap on each photo to select them. You will see a blue checkmark on the selected photos.
  3. Create a New Album (Optional): If you want to organize the photos first, you can create a new album by tapping the “Select” button in the upper right corner, then tap “Add to” and choose “New Album.” Give your album a name and tap “Save.” This step is optional, but it can help you keep your photos organized.
  4. Create the Collage: With the selected photos, tap the “Share” button (a square with an arrow pointing up) at the bottom-left corner.
  5. Choose “Collage”: Scroll through the list of sharing options, and you should see “Collage” among them. Tap on “Collage.”
  6. Edit Your Collage: The Photos app will create a collage with your selected photos. You can tap on the collage to edit it further. You can adjust the layout, border thickness, and spacing between photos. When you’re satisfied, tap “Done.”
  7. Save or Share: After editing, you can tap the share button again to save or share your collage. You can save it to your Photos library or share it via various apps and services.

Method 2: Using a Third-Party App (e.g., Canva)

  1. Download a Collage App: Go to the App Store and download a collage-making app like “Canva” or “Pic Collage.” Install and open the app.
  2. Create a New Project: In the app, create a new project or collage.
  3. Select Photos: Choose the photos you want to include in your collage from your iPhone’s library. Most collage apps will let you import photos directly.
  4. Customize Your Collage: Arrange the photos as you like, adjusting their size, orientation, and position. Most collage apps offer various templates and customization options.
  5. Add Text or Stickers (Optional): If you want to personalize your collage further, many apps allow you to add text, stickers, or other design elements.
  6. Save or Share: Once you’re satisfied with your collage, save it to your iPhone’s photo library or share it directly on social media or via email.

Using a dedicated collage-making app can offer more creative control and flexibility than the built-in Photos app, making it a great option for those looking to create more customized collages.

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