10 best video editor apps for Android

There are many video editor apps available for Android, but here are 10 of the best:

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush – This app is designed for mobile video editing and is packed with features like video resizing, audio editing, and color grading. It also has integration with other Adobe products for even more flexibility.
  2. FilmoraGo – This app is easy to use and has a lot of basic features like trimming, splitting, and adding music. There are also some advanced features available like speed control and reverse playback.
  3. KineMaster – This app has a lot of features, including multiple video layers, blending modes, and keyframe animation. It also has a lot of audio features like voiceovers and sound effects.
  4. PowerDirector – This app is fast and easy to use, with features like trim, crop, and merge. It also has more advanced features like video stabilization and slow-motion effects.
  5. Quik – This app is made by GoPro and is great for creating quick videos with a lot of visual effects. It has a lot of pre-built templates and can automatically sync your footage with the beat of a song.
  6. VivaVideo – This app has a lot of effects and filters that you can apply to your videos, as well as basic editing features like trimming and merging. It also has a built-in camera feature for shooting video.
  7. Magisto – This app uses AI to automatically edit your footage into a polished video with music and effects. You can choose from different styles and themes to customize the look of your video.
  8. VideoShow – This app has a lot of basic editing features like trimming and merging, as well as some more advanced features like adding text and stickers. It also has a built-in camera feature for shooting video.
  9. InShot – This app has a lot of features like video trimming, cropping, and splitting. It also has some advanced features like adding music and filters, and even supports video editing for TikTok and Instagram.
  10. ActionDirector – This app is great for action and sports videos, with features like slow-motion and fast-motion effects, and the ability to add audio and voiceovers. It also has video stabilization and color correction tools.