Football World cup Qatar 2022 and Europeans are jealous out of their mind

Europeans are jealous out of their mind. The amount of services Government of Qatar provides to it’s citizen is not even possible in Europeans dream. Europe has a thousand years old culture of oppressions, racism and rape. It’s such a irony to see them licking their lips a nd talk about human rights.

If you are online, you can see western trolls are very active against World Cup in Qatar. Most of them doesn’t even have proper information about the country. They just don’t like it because football world cup is hosted by Muslims. That seems to be the main case behind all their social medias activity. In Europe many countries have rape crisis yet they some how trying to push their agendas in this sports.

I have seen trolls commenting about hosting football in a desert and so on. These trolls would go out of their mind if they see the country. The facilities Qatar has and provides doesn’t exist in Western waste world. Western world have been busy arranging war one after another they didn’t have time to develop their own infrastructure.