Why do some people dislike Islam?

Why do some people dislike Islam?

I asked myself the same question.

It’s really strange when Christians blames Islam for having the same rules as what they have. It’s strange to see Atheists blames Islam for the Muslim Rulers that done bad things when even world wars done by Mostly agnostic and atheist people. Throughout history, most of the rulers who did bad things actually belived only in money and power, not in God. Because Whatever Religion you take a look at their scripture, it tells you to not harm the children and innocent. But most of the tyrants done exactly that.

If you blame Atheism for a pervert that belives he can rape women & children in secret because there is no God to punish him, and the humans have no proof.

So this is really strange. I wish I could not find a single person who has any valid arguements against Islam. These Idiots who speaks against Islam are so bizarre and thin on logic depertment it makes me want accept Islam again. I do not really Belive in God but these stupids trying to Blame and undermine Islam is just increasing my Interest on Islam since I didn’t find any wrong with Islam, I just do not have proof of God so I stopped, why would I pray to any being that I’m not sure that it exist ? That is not the point here though.

Any idiots want to blame or undermine Islam bring someone with actual Tallent. Not some idiot who says, Islam does this and that and can’t specificly use Quran and it’s teachings against Itsef.

Looking at these idiots make me think why are they really hate it. Is it because Islam is the truth and they are actually bunch of perverts and Demons. I wish I could belive that, but what I belive is that these people are either stupids, or clever enough to know which one to support these days

By far I haven’t found anyone who can speak against Islam with Intellect and without Stupid Hatred and Racism against Muslims. I haven’t yet.

But what’s happening through out the world is just the work of humans. Look at history and look at what Romans did to Christians, Look at What Christians did to non-christians, and What Many Muslims did to Christians, or What Athesits-Christians did to Jews, and look at now what Jews are doing to Muslims.

There is your answers, it’s just humans trying to dominate, rob and rape any other humans who are weaker and less powerful. That is all, weaker ones are not praying on the strong, but the Strong ones are praying on the weak. Shaping narratives, controlling media, controlling the voice, sensoring the voice, all of them can be described with one line which is “Strongs preying on the weaks.”

When Muslims were the strongest force, they didn’t have to proof that they are not terrorists, it was the other way around. Or something similiar, when HIndus were the powerful force in Indian sub-continent they killed Muslims for eating Beef, is it because of Religion ? Nope. It’s because they could, they had the power to do it, so they did it. Every single nation on this world has the same history, when a nation or a regime becomes powerful it starts preying on the weak untill it goes down, and the weak ones become the strong ones, find some other weaker force to prey on. WIth Ideologies, with human rights, with religion and so many things, in the end it’s as simple as what I already told you.

Liking & Disliking doesn’t mean sh*t when you do not have power. It matters when you have power and authority.

Strongs preying on the weaks

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