Why are most of the businessmen of Bangladesh greedy, deceitful, fraud?

Is there any answer to why people are honest or dishonest? Many times people can be honest or dishonest under pressure, it is a different matter but there is no answer why most people in a country are cheaters and dishonest. The forehead is so bad.

In a country where most of the people are dishonest, the government of that country is corrupt, if the roads are built in that country, it will not last for 6 months. In that country, the food will be adulterated, the medical system will also be shocking. That is, no one can actually live well in that country. And those who do corruption in those countries understand it well, so they don’t keep their children and families in the country. Send to any country in the developed world. The descendants of Satan then go to the countries of good people and enjoy the benefits of those countries.

There is no answer to these.