What’s the best website for reviews of college courses?

Here are some popular options to consider, depending on your needs:

General Course Reviews:

  • RateMyCourses.io: Features detailed reviews of individual courses, including workload, professor quality, grading style, and overall value. Great for specific course-level feedback.
  • Niche: Offers comprehensive college and course reviews, including ratings based on academics, value, campus life, etc. Useful for broader comparisons across universities.
  • Whatuni: Primarily serves the UK and Australia, but provides insightful student-written reviews of courses and universities. Valuable for international students.

Professor-Specific Reviews:

  • RateMyProfessors.com: The classic platform for evaluating professors based on teaching style, knowledge, fairness, and overall helpfulness. Ideal for getting a sense of how a specific instructor operates.
  • The Princeton Review: Features professor rating data as part of its college rankings, though information may be less detailed than dedicated platforms.

Additional Resources:

  • Course catalogs: University websites often contain detailed course descriptions and syllabi, providing valuable insights into content, requirements, and expectations.
  • Department websites: Many departments publish faculty profiles with research interests and teaching philosophies, offering clues about their approach to specific courses.
  • Student forums and social media: Online communities can be a good source of informal feedback and student experiences with particular courses.

Ultimately, the best approach is to use a combination of resources, considering the specific course, professor, and university you’re interested in. Remember, no single review should be a definitive decision-maker, but rather a piece of the puzzle to help you make an informed choice.

Here are some additional tips for finding helpful reviews:

  • Filter by university, department, and course name.
  • Read through multiple reviews to get a balanced perspective.
  • Focus on reviews from students who took the course recently.
  • Look for reviews that discuss specific aspects of the course, such as workload, teaching style, and learning outcomes.