Best advice for new freelancers

First advice would be make sure you now how to work, and know how to make the client understand that you know.

My best advice would be avoid getting clients from the following countries. I have been freelancing for over 6 years and that’s my experiences.

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Israel

Another advice would be, don’t except proposal before you understand the client. You can get the job done and risk client not paying you, it’s still lot safe than getting a bad review that might put a dent on your freelancer profile. I know that by experience. I got a client who black mailed me for almost 6–7 months after that he gave me a bad review anyway when I was finally fed up and stop working for him.

So you complete the project, make the client happy then send the bill. And request him if they are happy with your service then put a good review.

And always, always know the policies of the platform you are using. One ban means a life time of opportunity lost.

And if you see a client bothering you too much and hurrying you to much to complete as fast as possible, decline the project. They will never be happy.