What is wrong with Hollywood?

As a World of Enterntainment it’s not that bad. It is doing what is suppose to, when the audience wants something it tries to provide it more.

But the problem is the effect it’s having on the world. If you keep engagine in the fantasy Hollywood provides you, it will make you think the world is all about arts.

It’s not.

Art has absolutely no important place in the real world. It has values when you are good and comfortable and have times to waste. But when you are always working which the mejority of the people are on Earth, its’ just a brilliant waste of human time and tallent. Humans have built a massive resource that has nothing to do with survival. And a mejor part of human endavior is put on this sector that has popularity world wide which doesn’t have any good effect on removing any mejor problems from the society, it doesn’t help humans to find sustainable energy sources, it doesn’t help humans to make most effificent use of resources. Human civiliazation is all about wasting resources. When it comes to resourece waste, humans are way worse than the past. Human’s luxury and inabiltiy to evolve their way of managin things has created this world of Wasting Resources. You know about movie industry, music industry, game company. These doesn’t have and imporance when it comes to human survival. But their influences is just growing more and more.

And art is not even what art is in Hollywood. We do not have artists in modern world, we just have delusionists. Instead of creating art, these people create delusion in your mind. It’s not their fault, it’s just nobodies fault. It’s like nature, when Volcanoes errupts it’s no bodies fault.

Children will watch deluded version of the reality and they will take it as the reality. They will expect heroism from their poor parents who work their asses off all day and they will hate their parents just because they couldn’t maintain this fake heroic version that their children thinks of parents, the idea they get from fictions. But that heroic characters all are impossible, no hero in the real world acts like Hero all day long, they do not look that good when they go to bathroom. But even in the most discusting scen in Movies, heroes maintain certein standards, in real life that doesn’t happen. And when that doesn’t happen, you become dissapointed at your parents. This itself is a injustice you will do in your mind. It requires great amount of patiences on yourside, because you will continiously be dissapointed. And you yourself won’t be able to maintain the fake persona you think of yourself. It will become a a chain of dissapoinments.

It’s just when you watch a movie, a story, you know it’s all just made up, acting and fake. But your sub-concious doesn’t know it, it can’t know that. It takes it as experience, and applies it to the real world. It will say you have seen so much tragedy even when you didn’t actually, All you have seen is movies all your life and never faced actual tragedy. And it will create conflict in your mind. Your brains will become so much confused it will make your simple life complicated.

You will take offence in simple gesture, you will find conspiracy in simple talking. Even when you know you are overreating you will just not be able to control yourselves. It’s just you do not take fiction seriously, it’s just your sub-consciousness does. Because every animal brain works that way, everything it sees, it takes them as experience, something to be used later and apply to survive. But what you are seeing is imaginary staff, fake staff, which your brain is taking as real experience to apply them in the future as experiences, to survive. It will create conflict in your mind.

The worse part about human entertainment or survival is that there is no united effort, no powerful orgnization that is working in human civilization to unite and make sure humans continiously uses efficent resource management and don’t drown on the resources somewhere, and starve on resources somewhere else. Popluar and dumb people, celebraties are leading these new generation to worthless endeviors. People who has no solutions are becoming popular just by playing your dumb hatred against others. Entertainmetn industry like any other are used for the same puprose. It is being used for isolated reasons, instead of uniting the world and making humans aware of the upcoming dangers.

Humans has not progressed, humans, most of them still struggle for basic survival while entertainment industry puts this delusion inside new generations’ mind that Humans have somehow technologically advanced. This world of entertainment is creating dumber generations. Humans are killing each other for obviouly serious reasons, serious in their mind atleast. But the most serious issue in this world is not your hatred for others. It’s just unlike ants or bees, we are not using our work force efficiently. In this world, massive work force is starving, work force is dying. In this world dumb intellects are making you belive you have population problem, and their world always depends on the work from other nations that has massive work force (This is so unsustainable it will not last, because this is not a solution, you are not changed, so you are just taking the fruit but you are not taking care of the tree, because the tree doesn’t even in your country, your mindset doesn’t even allow those trees to grow in your country how can you even take care of it). So this is where we live in now. We have so much resources, we waste it because of mis management, we have so much work force and they are dying because of improper management. It’s like humanity is crushing the base of the bridge that itself is currently situated on. It glorifies the useless, it undermines the usefulls. And human society is on a train that is automatically programmed to crush. And there are systems at place which will prevent anyone from saving it. Hollywood is simply, one of those system. Only nation like USA or Russia can change the course of this train. But they won’t, because their brain is as f*ked as everybody else. Currently I do not see any solution to fix it because humans have tried to fix their problems by uniting, by forming United Nations, but Their unity was not enough to bring stablity into this chaos. And now CHAOS Is overcomign UN, and USA is straying away from UN, Starving it’s main source of power. Soon we will go back to where we begin in the first place. Instead of tryinng to control powerful nations or feeding on human paranoiya, humans should have used this unity to form even greater system to run this world more efficiently. Instead they used it to serve their selfish needs. When I go into details I realize, I just do not have any solutions to these. Without details anybody can give you advices. but when you start showing them problem with their solutions, if they are not dumb, they too will see that it has been tried before and failed countless times. And the society we live in, if somebody with actual intellect comes up with a soltuion that will save everybody, he/she will be killed by those systems that are there to protect the train’s journy toward the abyss before he/she even has a chance to do anything.

I have seen people, good able bodies people in my country, educated and workless. Most of them doesn’t do anything atleast for a mejor part of their life, just sitting around trying to make money to survive. Some are falling, some are finding somewhat way to live. That is all. But a massive, powerful, able bodied workforce is decaying in worklessness, in disease, in corruption. World didn’t provide them a easy way to use their energy, so they don’t use it. If you put them somewhere, give them good life, and use them for whatever sector they are good in, may be they don’t have technical genious, but humanas can work in the field. You just have to give them that opportunity, but this world is inefficient in managing this force. So the force is dimming down, and being used for wrong purposes. And powerful dumb people around the developed world world is making you beleive immigration is bad thing, you just need couple of most intelligent person from the world to run your nation and nothing more. What happens when China finally crushes and fails to provide all those work forces, because they couldn’t take care of it ? What happnes when India loses it’s work forces ? Because it’s a gurantee when your population is growing in massive size if you can’t take care of it, use it, it will start rotting, and it’s a product that requries soft manipulation, if you become hard on them, they will start to break one by one. Like any other products. It is not heartless to use Humans like products, because you have to take care of this product by requirements. You say humans are not products, and then you are not taking care of it. It’s like when you put products that requires rerefregeration and you are not putting them there, because you do not want to spend money or resources for refregeration. Then when your products start rotting you say, well, I have bilions of it, may be I just throw the rotten ones, use the ones that are good. Well the condition you created, one day, you will not find a single one. That time is coming. This work force will die down one day without work and proper sustainence. Onec they start going down, it will be a unstoppable ride downward.