What is the difference between “theory” and “theory”?

In the past, when trying to introduce safety belts for automobiles, U.S. automobile companies admitted that if they allowed the mandatory safety belts, the automobiles would be dangerous, resulting in a decrease in sales. I was afraid of that. Therefore, the American automobile company spends a lot of money, uses a lot of professors of famous universities, and in the parliament, if you put on a safety belt, on the contrary, you can not escape to the law due to an accident etc. Attempts were made to prevent the enactment of mandatory legislation, such as by having them testify how dangerous safety belts are. Scholars showed various measurement materials in the Diet and insisted on the danger. In addition, car companies around the world have claimed the danger.

However, I think it was a Swedish Saab, but it betrayed other car companies and ran through, selling cars equipped with safety belts. Then the car insurance company cut the insurance bill for car buyers with safety belts. In short, insurance companies knew that safety belts would prevent fatal accidents, no matter what scholars say. As a result, sales of cars with safety belts rose at a stretch.

What surprised me was another car company. I thought that accepting safety belts would reduce the sales of automobiles, but on the contrary, the sales increased. Therefore, other automobile companies began to sell cars with safety belts before the law for mandatory safety belts was enacted.

As a result, for the first time in human history, the annual road accident mortality rate has fallen.

From this, the judgment of whether the safety belt is effective is not based on the quibble of scholars, but it is more credible whether sales will increase due to economic activities, stocks will increase, or how insurance companies will come out. It was proved that it was possible.

Therefore, what scholars say is quibble, and judgment by economic activity is appropriate .