What do I do with skin problems in hot weather?

Sun, heat and sweat — this three-pronged attack causes various problems to our skin. Many people have excessive sweating and bad breath. Some people get sunburn when they go out in the sun. Itching at this time is a very familiar problem. Many people are prone to acne. Some people also suffer from allergic skin inflammation.

Sweat rash

At this time most common skin disease is called sweat rash. When the sweat glands of the body become blocked due to sweating, various components of sweat cannot come out properly. These ingredients accumulate in different layers of the skin and make it itchy. Hygiene is also the main way to prevent itching. It is best to stay in an air-conditioned room as much as possible. If it is not possible, keep the electric fan on in the house. Doors and windows should be kept open. The use of neem leaves in ice bath or bath works quite well. Calamine lotion can be used.


As summer approaches, some people’s acne problems increase. This is mainly due to the fact that the skin of the face is unclean. People with oily skin suffer more from this problem. To get rid of acne, you need to wash your face frequently. Care should be taken so that oil and dirt do not get on the skin in any way. Do not use extra cosmetics unnecessarily.


At this time many people suffer from allergic problems. This is due to dust, flower pollen, etc. in the air. In some cases the skin becomes swollen, reddish, itchy. Many people’s skin becomes dry and rough. There are complications like eczema. Those whose skin is prone to allergies, they should take extra precautions at this time. If you go out, you must take the mask later. Cover your nose and mouth when sweeping the house. Allergic foods should be avoided. If the problem is more, you can take anti-allergic medicine.

Sweaty odor

Sweating is directly related to the body’s metabolism. Sweat that is produced from the apocrine glands of the body gives off a foul odor. Sweat has no smell of its own. Sweating is the origin of a type of bacteria. They are responsible for this stench. Apart from this, various unwanted hairs on the body including armpits are also responsible for this bad smell. The main remedy is to stay clean. Wear loose-fitting clothing. It is important to avoid hot or sunny weather as much as possible. Deodorant can be used to prevent bad breath.


Sunburn is caused by the sun’s rays in the hot sun. Black or reddish spots on the skin. This problem is more common in children and those whose skin color is more pale. It is best to use sunscreen this summer to avoid sunburn. It is possible to get rid of this problem if you can make a habit of using hat and sunglasses before going out. Eat foods that are good for the skin. Adequate amount of water should be consumed.