What Do “GM” and “GN” Mean, and How Do You Use Them?

“GM” and “GN” are acronyms used as informal greetings.

GM stands for “Good Morning,” and it’s used as a greeting to wish someone a good start to their day. It’s typically used in the morning hours, but some people might use it throughout the day as a casual greeting.

GN stands for “Good Night,” and it’s used as a way to bid someone farewell before they go to bed. It’s typically used in the evening hours as a way to say goodnight to someone.

Both of these acronyms are commonly used in text messaging, social media, and other forms of digital communication. They’re meant to be quick and convenient ways to greet someone or say goodbye, without having to type out a longer message. It’s important to note that these acronyms are generally considered informal and should be used in appropriate situations, such as with friends or family members, rather than in formal or professional contexts.