What Do “Cap” and “No Cap” Mean on the Internet?

“Cap” and “No Cap” are slang terms that are commonly used on the internet, especially in social media and messaging platforms. Here are their meanings and how to use them:

  1. “Cap” – This is used to describe when someone is lying or exaggerating. It means “lie” or “falsehood.” For example, if someone says they won the lottery but they didn’t, you could respond by saying “that’s cap.”
  2. “No Cap” – This means “no lie” or “truth.” It is used to indicate that what someone is saying is true and not a lie or exaggeration. For example, if someone says “I’m the best rapper in the game, no cap,” they mean that they truly believe they are the best rapper.

Both “cap” and “no cap” are informal expressions, and they are most commonly used in casual conversations between friends or acquaintances. As with any slang term, it’s important to consider the context in which it is being used to avoid any misunderstandings.