What Are “Time Sensitive” Notifications on iPhone?

“Time Sensitive” notifications on iPhone are notifications that are deemed to be important and timely, such as alerts from messaging apps, email, calendar reminders, and other apps that require immediate attention. These types of notifications are designed to grab your attention and require immediate action, and are usually accompanied by a unique sound or vibration to distinguish them from other notifications.

When you receive a “Time Sensitive” notification, it will appear at the top of your lock screen and in your Notification Center with a special banner and a “Time Sensitive” label. You can also choose to have these notifications bypass the Do Not Disturb mode, so that you never miss them.

To enable or disable “Time Sensitive” notifications on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Time Sensitive > toggle on or off the switch next to “Allow Notifications”. You can also customize which apps can send “Time Sensitive” notifications by going to Settings > Notifications > select an app > toggle on or off the switch next to “Time Sensitive”.